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LUMIN settings

General settings

LUMIN General Settings

From the Browse window, tap the Settings button Settings button and then select 'Options' under the LUMIN unit name that you wish to set.

LUMIN Settings Name Enter your chosen name for this particular LUMIN.
LUMIN Settings streaming services Here you can find login settings for all the supported streaming services.
See the appropriate instructions for each here:
Internet Radio
LUMIN Settings Firmware Check If set to 'Yes', LUMIN will automatically look for updates whenever the App is started.
LUMIN Settings Front Panel Display The LUMIN Front Panel Display has adjustable brightness.
LUMIN Settings Network LED On some LUMIN players the network activity LED on the network port of the rear panel can be turned off.
LUMIN Settings Idle Sleep LUMIN will go to sleep (saving a small amount of power and turning off the Front Panel Display) after the set period of inactivity.
LUMIN Settings Volume Control If you don't intend to use the digital volume control, you can save space in the app for song titles, etc by turning it off.
LUMIN Settings Leedh Volume Control Leedh Processing Volume Control algorithm is now automatically enabled by default for all LUMIN players. Read more about Leedh Processing here.
Note: Leedh Processing has no effect when LUMIN volume is set at 100%
LUMIN Settings Volume Max Limit Limit the maximum volume that can be output from LUMIN. Aimed at LUMIN Amp owners and also customers who connect their LUMIN directly to a power amplifier, you can set an upper limit on the volume output of LUMIN. The main volume control will still allow 100 positions of adjustment, but now the actual volume = main volume × Max Volume %. For example: if the Main Volume is 80, but the Max Volume % is 70, then the actual volume is 80 × 70% = 56.

Note: Max Volume % works with both Leedh Volume and traditional volume control.
LUMIN Settings Digital Output Ports On some LUMIN models with multiple Digital Audio Output Ports, each can be turned on or off here.
LUMIN Settings Analog Audio Output Level Some systems (perhaps with a high-gain pre-amplifier) may be better matched using the 'Low' setting. It uses a combination of DAC settings to lower the output level by around -4 db.
de-Emphasis Some CDs (generally old) have a 'flag' for 'pre-emphasis'. High frequencies were occasionally increased in magnitude in order to improve Signal-to-Noise ratio. Digital files don't carry this 'flag' so only set this to 'on' for files that you know to need it. More info here. In-progress list of CDs here. This setting has no effect on High resolution files, or when re-sampling is used.
LUMIN Settings Digital Audio Output


LUMIN Settings Active Audio Output
If you have no need for the Digital Audio Output (to an external DAC), then you can turn it off here.
On some models, instead of this option, you can select which output you are using and the others will automatically be disabled.
LUMIN Settings MQA mode MQA is a high-resolution audio codec. Depending on your system, you may prefer to let other hardware perform some of the MQA decoding.
Analogue Output: LUMIN will do all the decoding (Network Music Players only).
Digital Output: LUMIN will perform some of the decoding.
Passthrough: LUMIN will passthrough the full MQA stream to your DAC.
LUMIN Settings AirPlay LUMIN Streaming is the function that allows compatibility with Apple AirPlay. If you have no use for this feature, you can turn it off here.
LUMIN Settings Roon Ready Roon Ready means that LUMIN is certified for use with Roon. If you have no use for this feature, you can turn it off here.
LUMIN Settings Spotify Connect Spotify Connect means that LUMIN is certified for use with Spotify and the Spotify App. If you have no use for this feature, you can turn it off here.
LUMIN Settings Multi-Room Multiple LUMIN streamers can now play the same tune using the LUMIN App. Turn this feature on here. Once turned on, you can select "Listen to Sender" to choose a LUMIN player to listen to on this unit.
Read more about LUMIN Multi-Room here.
Invert Phase Some songs were recorded, or mastered with the phase inverted; some users may like to restore to the correct phase during playback. For general use, this should be left 'Off'.
Ultra-sonic Filter for DSD Playback If you know that your equipment is particularly sensitive to the higher levels of ultrasonic noise inherent to DSD you can apply this filter. For general use, this should be left 'Off'.