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LUMIN S1 Audiophile Music Player

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LUMIN Streamer Family

LUMIN L1 Music Server.
UPnP made simple.

LUMIN L1 Music Server

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LUMIN Black Anodised

LUMIN at Audio-Home Theater Exhibition in Tokyo, 17th-19th Oct

Come and hear the new LUMIN S1 and other new LUMIN products at 2F : B, Bright-Tone Company.

LUMIN S1 & A1 compared by AudioShark Forum

"The S1 is sweeter, sharper. But at the end of the day, both are exceedingly musical."

LUMIN S1 Blue Moon Award!

6moons awarded LUMIN S1 their rare Blue Moon Award, saying it "delivers an enormously appealing and involving musical presentation".

LUMIN Firmware 4.0 Launch

LUMIN Firmware 4.0 adds a major new feature: LUMIN USB Server. You can now connect a USB drive to LUMIN to play and share music.

LUMIN A1 reviewed by Computer Audiophile Forum

"LUMIN is the network player by which all others should be judged."

Award for LUMIN A1!

6moons awarded LUMIN A1 their highest award, describing it as "my new digital reference" and "the most exciting audio experience I've yet had".