The Audiophile Network Music Player

The LUMIN iTunes iPad App



All LUMIN control is achieved through the LUMIN App. We've created it in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.

The recent transition from physical music to digital collections hasn't always retained everything we value in the tactile and stimulating process of music selection. we know how precious music is; that the artwork and album structure are important parts of the browsing and selection process; and we know that filenames, codecs and data can sometimes get in the way.

The LUMIN App introduces the beginnings of our vision for music browsing and covers the basics. Many updates are planned, and will make music selection even easier.

How to use:

The LUMIN App is designed to be intuitive to use without any training. Most users just download the app and start playing.

For those that want more information:


LUMIN App layout
LUMIN App has three main panels:
  • Browse: Explore and select from your music collection.
  • Playlist: Once you've selected from the Browse panel, your music will be queued for playing here.
  • Now Playing: This is where you can view and control what's playing now.


LUMIN App layout
Getting started:
  1. Turn all devices on, including LUMIN and your music server.
  2. Open the LUMIN App.
  3. LUMIN App will automatically detect your devices.
  4. Confirm your choice of server by tapping it.
  5. LUMIN App will find all your music and store all the artwork. Note that on the very first use of the App, this can take some time (approximately 250 albums per minute).
Browse: Sort
Sort the list by:
  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist
  • Composer (optional)
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Newest added to the server

On this same menu you can also get access to Folder Browsing and Internet Radio (see bottom of the page for more details).

Browse: Folder View and Radio

On this same menu you can also get access to Folder Browsing (Standard UPnP Browsing), TIDAL and Internet Radio (see bottom of the page for more details).

Browse: View
Change the view:
  • Artwork View (tapping on an album takes you to Song Grouping View)
  • Song Grouping View
  • Heading View

Note: The available views vary depending on current Sort/View combination

Browse: Maximise
Maximise your view:

The browse panel can be maximised to fill the screen. Useful while creating large Playlists.

Browse: Zoom
Pinch to zoom:

When in Artwork View, you can pinch the screen to zoom the artwork. LUMIN App will automatically rescale slightly to optimise the view.

Browse: Zoom
Add to Playlist:

Normally, as soon as you tap on a song or Grouping header, it will automatically be added to the bottom of the Playlist.
However, if you have selected 'Double Tap' as the selection method, more options become available.

You can now select multiple single songs at once and the bottom menu will appear, allowing the following:

  • Play Now: Add selection to the bottom of the Playlist and LUMIN will skip to it and play immediately
  • Play Next: Add selection after the 'Now Playing' song and LUMIN will play it after the current song has finished
  • Play Later: Add selection to the bottom of the Playlist
  • Play and replace: Will replace the whole of the Playlist with selection, and starts playing
  • Clear selection: This will deselect all songs.

To easily add a whole album to the playlist, see below.

Browse: Info popup
Info Pop-up:

Press and hold on any item in the Browse, Playlist, or Now Playing app areas to open an info pop-up.

From this pop-up you can:

  • Add this item to the Playlist (see above for icon explanations). A major benefit is being able to add a whole album to the Playlist without leaving Artwork View.
  • Change the browse sort order, based on that item
  • View online Album, Artist or Song information. Press the 'i' icon to open the entry for this item, or press the 'search' icon to search on
    jump to browserOn the resulting pop-up you can press this icon to switch to your tablet's main browser.
Browse: Find

First select the tab to sort the list by (see above).
Then type in the word you want to find in that tag.
The example shows that we are searching for "Joni" in the Artist tags.

Find NextIf in 'Search Mode' is set to 'Find' in settings, then press the 'Find Next' arrow to jump to and highlight the first instance of 'Joni' in your music collection. Use the Previous and Next arrows to continue searching.


Playlist: Grouping
Album grouping:

To make the Playlists easier to understand, LUMIN App visually groups songs that are from the same album. Artwork is only included once per group.

The area highlighted in blue is one Album Grouping.

Now Playing song:

The song being played in the Playlist is highlighted in the left column by a play symbol instead of the Playlist number.

If the Playlist is long, you can quickly scroll to the Now Playing song by tapping the 'Jump' button.

The 'Jump' button displays the Now Playing song number and the total number of songs in the Playlist.

Browse: Edit Playlist

Tapping the 'Edit' button will change the appearance of the Playlist songs. You can now tap the red 'Minus' icons to delete a song/album from the playlist, or drag the 'Grip' area on the right to re-arrange the song order.

When you have finished, you can tap the 'Edit' button again to return to the normal Playlist view.

Browse: Save/Load Playlist
Save and Load:

The 'Playlist' button (highlighted) is used to both Save and Load Playlists.

To Save, type in your Playlist Name and then tap the 'Save' button.

To Load, simply tap your chosen Playlist Name.

The top bar is for searching. As soon as you start typing, LUMIN App will filter the results.

Browse: Clear

Tapping the 'Wastebin' button will clear everything in the Playlist panel, including the Now Playing song.

Now Playing:

Now Playing: Song info
Song info:
  • Song Title
  • Artist Name
  • Album Title.
  • Codec Name
  • Audio Sample Rate
  • Audio Bit Rate
  • Data Rate.

Figures in brackets show upsampled rate. E.g. 44.1 kHz (2.8MHz), 16 bit (1 bit) shows that the original sample rate was CD quality, and LUMIN is upsampling to DSD

Tap the Artwork to enter Fullscreen Mode. Tap again to exit.

Now Playing: Control
  • Skip Back to previous song, or replay current song in Playlist
  • Note: When the current song is within the first 5 seconds, this control will skip back to the previous song, otherwise it will replay the current song.

  • Play/Pause (toggle)
  • Skip Forward to next song in Playlist
  • Note: To Stop, you can tap Pause and then tap Skip Back. This will reset the Timeline to zero.

  • Shuffle (the next song is selected at random from the Playlist)
  • Repeat (the Playlist will loop)
Now Playing: Timeline
Timeline Ring:
  • Current Song Time
  • Total Song Time

Tap the Timeline Ring to reveal controls to restart, Fast Forward and Rewind.

Note: Tap and hold the Forward/Rewind button to seek.

Now Playing: Volume
Volume Ring:
  • Current Volume percentage.

Tap the Volume Ring to reveal controls to to adjust volume and mute.

Note: For maximum sound quality, level 100 is recommended.

Internet Radio:

Internet Radio: Username

Firstly, a TuneIn account is required (free).

Use the TuneIn website to add Radio Stations to your 'Library'.

Navigate to: Settings > LUMIN Options > Internet Radio Setting and enter your TuneIn username (no password required).

Internet Radio: Browsing stations

A new Radio tab will now appear in the browse window.

When clicked, you will see your TuneIn Favourites list.

You can search your Radio Library in the normal way.

Double-tap a station or show to play immediately.

Folders within your library are not supported.
Due to the wide variety of audio codecs and streaming formats used by TuneIn, some radio stations may not play on LUMIN.

TIDAL music streaming:

Tidal navigation
Getting started with Tidal:

Firstly, a TIDAL account is required (30-day free trial available).

When you tap the TIDAL tab (shown in blue) for the first time you will be asked to login.

Tidal login to LUMIN

Use your TIDAL login details to access your account from within the LUMIN App.

If you haven't yet created a TIDAL account, you can select 'Sign Up' to jump to the TIDAL website in your browser.

TIDAL Browsing

Once logged in, you will see the 'What's New, TIDAL Rising, Playlists, Genres and My Music links in the browse panel.

You can drill down through these to access TIDAL's recommendations and also your stored playlists and favourites.

TIDAL Search

The search box will search the entire TIDAL catalogue of music.
You can narrow your search by selecting whether you wish to view Artists, Albums, Playlists or Tracks containing your search term.

TIDAL Navigation

At any point you can press the button in the top of the browse panel to see breadcrumb navigation. This list is scrollable and can take you right back to the TIDAL home screen or any step inbetween.

TIDAL add music to LUMIN Playlist
Add to the LUMIN Playlist:

You can press and hold on any item in the browse window that contains just tracks to add all of it's contents to the Playlist.

From this menu, you can also store your slection as a TIDAL favorite, for later retrieval from the 'My Music' section.

A new feature in this menu is also to be able to search your local servers (MinimServer in this example) for artists or songs of the same title. (You can also do the reverse and search TIDAL when browsing through your own server).

Save TIDAL Playlist
Save Playlist to TIDAL:

TIDAL tracks within a LUMIN Playlist can be saved to your TIDAL account.

Tap the Playlist button open the Playlist menu, name your Playlist and then tap the TIDAL button to save it to the TIDAL account.

Your TIDAL Playlists can be retrieved from the 'My Music' section of TIDAL.

Standard UPnP Browsing:

Internet Radio: username

Tapping the 'folder' tab (shown in blue) will enter Standard UPnP Browsing mode.

In this mode, you can drill down in the traditional UPnP way.

By tapping on [folder view] you can drill down through physical folders on the server, so you can organise your own structure. As an example, you could have folders named DSD/High Res/Redbook/Lossy, etc. to achieve something not possible with normal browsing.

Internet Radio: username

A navigation area opens in the area shown in green above.

Tapping the server name, displays a breadcrumb trail so that you can navigate back to any level above your current location.

Press and hold on any folder to add all of those items to the playlist, or single-tap to drill down further.