in Austria

Why add an infrared remote

After launching Leedh Processing for all LUMIN models, we were inundated with requests for a physical volume control from customers who were removing the preamplifier from their systems.

The result of our development is an Infrared Control Package compatible with all LUMIN models regardless of whether Leedh Processing is being used or not.

Precise tactile volume control and more...

  • Exceptional quality remote and IR sensor
  • Compatible with all LUMIN models*
  • No need to use the App for volume up / volume down / mute / play / pause / next / previous / shuffle / repeat or standby
  • Roon compatible
  • Particularly useful in systems without a preamplifier
* A spare rear panel USB port is required

Exceptional engineering

  • Made in Austria
  • Heavyweight solid zinc metal body
  • Crisp acrylic top, bottom and buttons


LUMIN Infrared Control Package

  • Package contents:

    • LUMIN Infrared Remote Control
    • USB Infrared Receiver
    • 2x CR2032 batteries
    • Instruction leaflet


    • Finish:

      • Piano black acrylic with silver zinc frame
    • Remote Dimensions:

      • 230mm (L), 33mm (W), 10mm(D)
    • Cable length:

      • IR receiver cable length: Approx 900mm
  • Compatibility:

    • LUMIN X1 / S1 / T3 / T2 / A1 / T1 / D3/ D2 / D1 / U2 / U1 / U1X / U2 MINI / U1 MINI / M1
    • One spare USB port required
    • Note that LUMIN P1 includes a built-in infra red receiver and remote control, so this package is not required.
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